Yperon Central Delivery

Franchise  Multi-Brand

Yperon Central Delivery

Franchise  Multi-Brand

Restaurant Call Center Software


Yperon Central Delivery is an order processing system that allows all aspects of restaurant delivery to be managed at a central location. Centralized call center management of order taking, order processing, handling of customer inquiries and complaints allows for a more focused, efficient and fast delivery operation.

Our Central Ordering Solution supports bi-directional data communication between the call center and each restaurant location allowing operators to respond to customer inquiries without the need to contact the serving location.

Yperon Central Delivery can be configured to manage the delivery operations of a single franchise with a small number of stores and can scale to hundreds or thousands of locations. The system supports multiple setups (menus,taxes, etc...) of the same franchise as well as delivery management for multiple brands from the same call center location.

Restaurant Central Ordering System Features


  • Modular design allows for full integration between call center and restaurant pos or stand-alone call center functionality.
  • Linux Based for stability and performance.
  • Multiple Company/Brand support.
  • Multiple Setup support within the same Brand.
  • Extensive customer information database.
  • Complete customer order history.
  • Customer credit and complaint management.
  • Delivery store territory defined down to single civic number.
  • Automatic store assignment based on predefined territories.
  • Supervisor Monitor allows efficient monitoring of order status across the board.
  • Order Time Tracking for prompt delivery.
  • Real time live reporting per store and across the franchise.
  • Modular menu design. Gives you the flexibility to independently create menu items, item categories, forced instructions and normal instructions.
  • Extremely flexible menu design allows the creation of intuitive menus.
  • Capacity for thousands of items per menu to accommodate from simple to complicated multiple level restaurant menus.
  • Support for normal, forced and quantity sensitive kitchen instructions allows customization of even the most difficult in preparation menu items.
  • Forty (40) preparation instructions per menu item.
  • Support for approximately 10,000 employees.
  • Order redirection allows you to print delivery orders in other franchise restaurants allowing you to continue serving your clients during restaurant renovations, power failures or other events.
  • Five (5) tax levels to handle existing and new taxes and tax rates.
  • On screen paper like invoice facilitates operators in order placing.
  • Individual client totals on single delivery order eliminates the need for multiple delivery orders and saves paper.
  • Flexible discount and promotion features.
  • Custom delivery order messages provide free advertising and allow the management to announce upcoming events and/or specials.

Ease of operation

  • Touch screen input provides an intuitive interface that is simpler and faster to use. Benefit from reduced employee training time and improved productivity.
  • No more PLU memorizing. Visual menu item display in categories that practically guide the operator through the order.
  • Color coded user actions. The system highlights the background of touch areas on screen upon registering a touch giving the operator a visual indication of the area being touched in order to facilitate the correctness of orders.
  • Context sensitive help prompts provide the operator with online information as to what the system expects at different steps of the order taking process.
  • Touch trace feature forgives that wrong first touch by allowing the operator to trace his/her finger on the screen and only lift-off when the correct touch button is highlighted.
  • Minimum number of different screens allow operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the P.O.S. in its entirety.
  • The ergonomic screen design conveniently places touch buttons where the operator's finger doesn't have to travel from one edge of the screen to the other continuously throughout the order.

Control, Flexibility, Savings and Error Elimination

  • Multi-level security features.
  • Individually set employee access levels for maximum control and flexibility in the use of the system.
  • Controlled manager credit ability with mandatory credit reasons and complete credit history.
  • English or French P.O.S. operation.
  • User defined language for kitchen preparation tickets and delivery receipts independent from the P.O.S. language of operation.
  • Save in guest check errors from wrongly priced items, addition errors while manually calculating guest checks, tax calculation errors, errors while manually discounting items, calculation extension errors.
  • Eliminate wrong order preparation from the kitchen due to ineligible and/or incomplete server instructions.
  • Save in administration fees and payroll from time required to manually balance and consolidate driver deliveries.
  • Pre-order verification gives the operator a visual display of the complete order before sending it to the restaurant, allowing for timely correction of errors.
  • Automatic invoice and tax calculation eliminates server errors on guest checks.
  • Driver sign-out reports provide fast and concise totals and eliminate the need for manual balancing at the end of a shift.